Released 6/12/16 by Universal/Bluebird Photoplays; Director: Joseph De Grasse; Screenplay: Ida May Park, from a story by Grant Carpenter; Cinematography: George Kull; 5 reels

CAST: Louise Lovely (Bobbie Brent), Jay Belasco (Jack Stimson), Jean Hathaway (Mrs. Stimson), Gretchen Lederer (Velma Vrooman), Gilmore Hammond (Henry Fox), Lon Chaney ("Hook" Hoover), Lule Warrenton (Mrs. Hoover)

SYNOPSIS: Bobbie Brent is the daughter of an invalid widow living in a New York tenement, and is working as a chorus girl in a Broadway musical company. Jack Stimson, a recent college graduate, is wasting his inheritance on Velma Vrooman, leading lady of the company. Stimson meets Bobbie and takes and interest in her, much to Velma's chagrin. Jack's mother devotes her time to the Orphan's Adoption Society. When Bobbie's mother dies, the society plan to take Bobbie's little brother and sister away from her. She dresses up as an old woman, and convinces the social workers that she is an old widow who can take care of the children. When the theatrical season ends, Bobbie is out of work, and "Hook" Hoover, a sneak thief, gives her money from the proceeds of his crimes. Jack wants to help Bobbie, but she does not want to accept money from him. He tells her that he wastes $200 a night on Velma and insist that she take that much each time they dine. Mrs. Stimson exposes Bobbie to Jack as a "widow with two children." She tells Bobbie she will take the children away from her if she does not give up Jack. When Bobbie tries to break up their relationship, Jack grabs her and attempts to kiss her, but Hook enters and a serious fight ensues. A policeman arrives and attempts to arrest Hook, but Jack and Bobbie intercede on his behalf. Through Velma's plotting, Bobbie is captured by Henry Fox, Velma's manager, while Velma tries to make Jack believe that Bobbie has gone to Fox willingly. Jack races to her rescue and fights with Fox. The police arrive and arrest both Jack and Fox. Bobbie is taken to Juvenile Court, and the children are taken to an orphanage. When Jack is released, Hook helps Jack break into the Juvenile Home, and Bobbie and Jack escape to be married. Hook is arrested, but Jack has him released on probation.

"There is a wholesomeness about the way in which the production has been staged, and there is never a moment when the moral balance is lost sight of...The quaint scenes in which Hook Hoover...appears, will please old and young." ---Moving Picture World

"Just another of those impossible stage stories in which the rich young man backs a theatrical company owing to his infatuation for the star, who is an adventuress, meets the good little chorus girl who goes through all sorts of trials and tribulations and in the end marries the poor girl. Well enough played and produced, but the story is altogether too conventional to hold any interest." ---Variety

NOTES: The film earned $20,360.

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