Released 11/15/13 by Universal/Joker; Director: Allen Curtis; Screenplay: not credited; 1 reel

CAST: Louise Fazenda (Susie), Silvion de Jardins (Benny), Edward Holland (The Heavy), Lee Moran (Lee), Lon Chaney (The Cameraman), Max Asher

SYNOPSIS: Susie scorns Lee's love making, telling him that she is going to be a famous actress. Meanwhile, the director of a nearby moving picture company is left without an actress when his leading lady breaks her false teeth! Susie is out running an errand when the director spots her and engages her in the lead role of the film. Benny, her little brother, sees Susie about to be burned to death by the villain of the film so he runs for help. The firemen arrive and put out the fire, but are chased away by the film crew. Susie is tied up on the beach with the tide rising for the film's climax, but the sheriff arrives and arrests everyone leaving Susie to drown. Lee rescues her in the nick of time and when the director offers her a permanent job in films she falls into Lee's arms saying "Never Again!"

"A very laughable production of the low comedy type, full of chuckles and free from offense...The scenes are all of burlesque nature and furnish plenty of genuine amusement." --- Moving Picture World

© 1997,2002,2008 Jon C. Mirsalis

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