Released 10/3/13 by Universal/Powers; Director: Edwin August; Screenplay: not credited; 1 reel

CAST: Murdock MacQuarrie, Pauline Bush, Lon Chaney, Cleo Madison

NOTES: Reference materials are sketchy on this title. Several publications list it as an "upcoming Universal release," but there is no information on the film in publications that appeared on or after the announced date of release. Many release lists for October 1913 list the title with no date after it, indicating that the film was announced, but not yet released. Chaney made no other films with Madison in 1913-14, so it was probably not released under another title. One source lists an alternate title for the film as The Mask, which in turn had an alternate title of Wolfbreed. This film was released by Universal/Rex on December 6, 1913, but does not appear to feature either Chaney or Madison. Moving Picture World had the following review of the film in their October 14, 1913 issue which suggests that the film was in fact released.

"In this offering a jealous girl puts paint on her lover's overcoat and becomes excited when she find the traces of it on another girl's waist. But it develops that her lover's brother has worn the coat in the meantime, and she is pacified after an explanation. The story is not overly strong, though some of the scenes are attractive." –Moving Picture World

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