Released 5/15/15 by Universal/United; Director: Joseph De Grasse; Screenplay: uncredited, but probably Ida May Park; 2 reels

CAST: Pauline Bush (The Girl), Murdock MacQuarrie (The Crook), Lon Chaney (His Pal)

SYNOPSIS: A crook and his pal are interrupted while trying to rob a bank. Fearing capture, the crook leaves town and hides out in a western mining town. There he meets the girl, a "Good Angel" who spends her time looking after the needs of others. The crook disguises himself as a minister and, under the good influence of the girl, decides to give up his life of crime. He writes his pal with his decision, but the pal comes to the town and persuades his friend to rob the local bank where the girl's father is employed as a watchman. In the attempted robbery, the pal is killed, and the crook is redeemed by the love of the girl.

"This is an engaging drama, produced well with several new twists to the old story. The scenes are characteristic in every instance, some of the Western exteriors are especially beautiful...Lon Chaney is effective as the master criminal." ---Motion Picture News

NOTES: Chaney did not routinely work for the United production unit at Universal, and was obviously sent over as a one-time loan-out for this production.

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