Released 4/18/15 by Universal/Rex; Director: Joseph De Grasse; Screenplay: Ida May Park; 2 reels

CAST: Pauline Bush (Nance), Lon Chaney (Jerry), Joseph De Grasse (Arthur Langham), Hilda Sloman

SYNOPSIS: Nance is raised by drunken, abusive parents, until she is rescued by Jerry, a thief with a kindly heart. Nance grows up among Jerry's gang of crooks, but she remains an honest woman. Arthur Langham, an ambitious attorney, has gathered enough evidence on Jerry and his gang to send them to prison; however, his dedication to his work has caused him to neglect his wife Enid, who drifts into an affair with Langham's best friend, Clyde Herndon. Jerry is arrested for burglary, and the gang is fearful that Langham will now produce the evidence against them, so Nance goes to Langham's house to steal the evidence. She is caught by Langham, who compels her to tell her story. He is moved by her sad tale, and agrees to help her and Jerry if they will go straight. As the trial approaches, the gang plot to murder Langham. Nance overhears their plans, and sneaks into his house to leave a note of warning. While there, she sees Mrs. Langham and Herndon, who are about to run away together. Nance confronts them when Langham returns home unexpectedly. To cover up Mrs. Langham's transgression, Nance takes her jewels, and when Langham enters, she tells him that she was caught stealing them, thereby covering up for the couple. Langham is about to turn Nance over to the police when his wife intercedes on her behalf. She talks to Nance alone, and offers her money to make a new start. Nance learns that Jerry has escaped and goes to his hiding place. There she shows him the money, and they agree to make a clean start together. Jerry confesses his love for Nance and she happily embraces him.

"This is well photographed and worked out quite strongly. It is a drama of motives and appeals to the sympathies, thought it is not in every way a finished production." ---Moving Picture World

NOTES: The film was reissued under the title HER CHANCE on 11/18/16, and was copyrighted at that time under this title.

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