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Released 9/30/13 by Universal/101 Bison; Director: Otis Turner; Screenplay: uncredited; 2 reels

CAST: Robert Z. Leonard (The Duke of Gengall/Shon the Piper), Margarita Fischer (Madge MacIvor), Joseph Fischer, Joseph Singleton, John Burton, Lon Chaney (uncredited)

SYNOPSIS:The story is set in the late 18th century, where a young Scotch Duke is determined not to marry a woman who wants him only for his money. He sets off in search of adventure in the Scottish highlands disguised as a piper. There he meets Madge MacIvor and they fall in love at first sight, but Madge's father, unaware of Shon's true heritage, wants to marry her to the wealthy Laird of the Isla. At the wedding feast, Shon arrives disguised as a harpist, and steals Madge away. The MacIvor clan follows in hot pursuit, but Shon has alerted his own clan who provide cover for their escape, and a great battle ensues. Shon reveals his true identity and is happily accepted by Madge's family.

"A remarkably fresh and interesting two-reel subject...The resulting adventures are very pleasing. A particularly good release." --Moving Picture World

NOTES: This title is listed in The Films of Lon Chaney by Michael Blake. I cannot confirm or deny that Chaney appears in this.

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