Released 3/7/15 by Universal/Rex; Director: Joseph De Grasse; Screenplay: Ida May Park, from a story by Olga Printzlau; 2 reels

CAST: Pauline Bush (Rose), Joseph De Grasse (Silent Jordan), Lon Chaney (Paul Rouchelle), William C. Dowlan (Jack Norton)

SYNOPSIS: Rose, a beautiful mountain girl, is brought up by a cruel old hag in a miserable hut. Jack Norton, a ranger, admires the girl, and his affection is turning into love. Silent Jordan, an old prospector and friend of Jack's, sees in the girl the face of a former lover, and realizes that she is his sweetheart's daughter. Paul Rouchelle, an artist who comes to the mountains to sketch, sees the girl and induces her to pose for him. Rose falls for the charm of this well polished gentleman, and consents to elope with him. He takes her away to his studio, but she soon learns that he already has a wife and child, and she flees back to the mountains. Paul has followed her and plans to take her away when Jack arrives. Paul tells Jack that Rose was his mistress and Paul attacks the man. Jordan arrives in time to stop Jack from shooting Paul, and sends the artist away. Jack asks Rose if what Paul said was true; she nods sadly, and Jack turns away. Jordan takes the sad couple to a little grave on a hillside and tells the story of how he loved a girl once, but abandoned her on their wedding day when he discovered she had a baby girl. He ran away, and returned to find that the girl had died of a broken heart. Jack, with tears in his eyes, takes Rose in his arms.

"This is a crude production in some respects and quite artistic in others. The plucking of the rose was an excellent symbolic touch. This has more than average strength." ---Moving Picture World

NOTES: Some sources credit James Dayton with the screenplay.

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