Released 12/6/14 by Universal/Rex; Director: Joseph De Grasse; Screenplay: Tom Forman; 2 reels

CAST: Pauline Bush (Agnes Duane, The Woman), Lon Chaney (Fred Brown, The Lion), Millard K. Wilson (Bert Brown, The Fox), William C. Dowlan (Rev. Hugh Baxton, The Man), Gus Inglis (Rev. Percival Higginbotham, The Lamb)

SYNOPSIS: Agnes returns to her New England home from college only to learn that her parents have chosen an effeminate minister for her husband. She laughs at their poor choice, and to cure her of her apparent crudeness, she is sent to her uncle's home in the Kentucky mountains. There she meets two strange brothers who fall in love with her. The younger, cunning brother tries to force himself on her, but is stopped by the larger brother. She later flees from both men and meets the Rev. Hugh Baxton, a true man, and surrenders himself completely to him.

"Pauline Bush, Lon Chaney and Millard K. Wilson are well cast. The director has fitted the remote past with the present in a fine way, and the two reels are always entertaining." -- Motion Picture News

"This has been done frequently in about the same way. It always possesses a certain amount of interest. This is handled with a fair degree of strength." --Moving Picture World

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