Released 1/21/18 by Universal/Bluebird Photoplays; Director: Ida May Park; Screenplay: Ida May Park, from a story by W. Carey Wonderly; 5 reels; Print Source: George Eastman House

CAST: Dorothy Phillips (Midge O'Hara), Juanita Hansen (Cherry Blow), William Stowell (Henry Rockwell), Harry von Meter (Jack Chalvey), Lon Chaney (Elmer Watkins), Eve Southern (Drina), Gladys Tennyson (Mrs. Watkins)

SYNOPSIS: Midge O'Hara has left her country home to try her luck on the Broadway stage. She gets a job as a chorus girl where she meets Cherry Blow, a popular party girl. Jack Chalvey lavished all his money on Cherry, but when he went broke, she rejected him for another wealthy man. Midge receives a letter from her aunt stating that Elmer Watkins, her country sweetheart, is on his way to the city to propose to her. Midge is on her way to a wild theatre party when she runs into Elmer. She chides him for his rustic appearance and leaves, but Elmer follows. Midge gets soaked walking through the rain, and when she comes to the party she finds Chalvey about to kill himself, whereupon she manages to talk him out of the terrible deed. Cherry loans Midge a flashy gown while her clothes dry. The guest of honor at the party is Henry Rockwell who shows an immediate interest in Midge. Elmer arrives at the party and tries to force his attentions on her, but is thrown out. The innocent Midge becomes embarrassed at the wild goings-on and asks to be excused. Rockwell offers to take her home, and in the car, thinking her a typical chorus girl, he forces himself on her. Midge leaps from the car and is injured. Rockwell puts her in the finest hospital in town, but Midge consistently refuses to see him when he tries to visit her. Midge struggles along after leaving the hospital, but is sinking into starvation when she meets Chalvey. He takes her to a dinner where she sees Elmer and his new wife, and she asks Chalvey to introduce her as his wife. Rockwell tracks Midge down and eventually persuades her to marry him. Through Midge's influence, Chalvey has started life anew. Rockwell meets Elmer, and is told that Midge and Chalvey are married. Chalvey is eventually reunited with his real love, Cherry. Rockwell learns the truth and is happily reunited with Midge.

"W. Carey Wonderly, the author of the story, knows his Tenderloin and the life that passes inside and outside of its many stage doors...Dorothy Phillips makes Midge a reality, and that is both a personal and artistic triumph. Well-played roles are provided by...Lon Chaney as Elmer Watkins, and Harry von Meter as Jack Chalvey." ---Moving Picture World

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